• Support Us in Providing COVID-19 Mental Health Related Relief Solutions. MAMH is responding with our partners to provide immediate relief and devise thoughtful solutions to the mounting mental health needs related to the COVID-19 public health pandemic. We’ve joined with state leaders to advance emergency planning efforts for individuals and families at risk for, or with, behavioral health conditions. Knowing where and how to access behavioral health services is critically important. We are engaged actively in implementing new ways to provide usable information and sound guidance.

  • Support Network of Care. Your donation will fund MAMH to support users of our recently launched Network of Care Massachusetts website, a service directory resource of over 5,000 programs that helps Massachusetts residents locate and access mental health, substance use, and social services in their communities.


Our Mission

Advance mental health and well being by promoting prevention, early intervention, effective treatment and research to address social, emotional, and mental health challenges. Eliminate stigma and discrimination and ensure full social, economic, and political inclusion in all aspects of community life.


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